Why we and why here?


It is a great honour to be able to cooperate with such great Nations, both having unique culture, long lasting traditions, and proud, hard working people.

Does not matter, whether we are looking to the distant past, or the recent decades, our countries histories are bearing several similarities, regardless of the distance and different continents.

It is not a suprise, that Hungarians were always great firends of the arab nations, and for long years reliable trading partners with eachother.

That past and friendly history gave us the courage to establish our venture here in Dubai, and try to re-open the once flowering relationship between our countries.

We are here, we listen, we sit with kind Emirati people, asking for their wise advise and follow their route.

We know, that trust  is a precious commodity, and we are trying to live and work to deserve it.

We are sure, that if we are dedicated, and patient enough, our efforts will be successful, and we will be all proud of our results.